One Sentence Reviews: June 2018

I have not been reading very many new releases lately.  I took one look at my bookshelves and realized that they had become a crowded, doubled-up nightmare and I decided to focus my attentions on the books that have been sitting in to-read limbo on my Goodreads since 2007.  So here it is!  The books that are no longer relevant and don’t warrant full, dedicated reviews with my thoughts on each nicely summed up in a single sentence.

star wars

“Star Wars: Into the Void” by Tim Lebbon

I can’t help but feel as if the Star Wars franchise has one story to tell and that they just keep retelling that one story over and over again.



“Forgotten” by Cat Patrick

I have already forgotten this book.


Virgin of Flames

“The Virgin of Flames” by Chris Abani

L.A. sounds like a terrible place to live.


Get Backers

“GetBackers, Volume 1” by Yuya Aoki and RandoAyamine

The story is alright but it’s definitely overshadowed by the ginormous, balloon boobs that all the females characters are sporting.



“George Bush, Dark Prince of Love” by Lydia Millet

This book just falls short on so many levels and I’m to be finally be weeding it from my collection.


the crow.jpg

“The Crow” by J. O’Barr

Robert Smith gets revenge in Detroit.


Red Scarf

“Red Scarf Girl” by Ji-li Jiang

Terrifying insight into the Cultural Revolution in China and it’s mind-blowing to see how children were used as enforcers for the Communist Party.


Daniel's Story

“Daniel’s Story” by Carol Matas

I think that if I’m going to read a book about the Holocaust, I would rather it be nonfiction than some fictional account with a weird, unnecessary romance added to it.


all she was worth.jpg

“All She was Worth” by Miyuki Miyabe

A mystery that centers around the Japanese consumerism boom of the 80’s and 90’s that sort of meanders its way towards an abrupt, unsatisfying conclusion.



“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” by Truman Capote

Holly Golightly is an asshole but, Audrey Hepburn or not, the book is still way better than the movie.

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