Au Revoir, October

Oh, October.  I had such high hopes for us this year.  Remember at the end of September when I was telling you about all the scary books we were going to read together and about all of the horror movies that I had been setting aside just for you?

I’m sorry that I let you down.

I could make excuses.  Perhaps it didn’t help that it was still in the 80’s for the beginning half of the month and that we were partially relying on the crisp, cool fall air to set the mood.  It probably didn’t help that we started with “The Horror Stories of Robert E. Howard” either.  Man, that was some racist and misogynistic shit wasn’t it, October?!  Seriously.  Trying to slog through that BS ate up almost a whole week before we finally threw in the towel.

But the reality is that I completely failed you.  So here’s what I was thinking:  If Hallmark can show Christmas movies whenever the hell they want, we can totally turn our Christmas into Halloween!  You know, because we’re totally rebels like that!  So I’ll see you in December, October.  Until then, hold the fond memories of “The Wicker Man”, “Count Magnus and Other Stories” and “Hex” close to your heart.